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Faultline North was born to bring more Bozeman concerts to more Bozemanites—including the under-21 set, lovers of obscure and not-even-invented-yet genres, and those with a picky ear for acoustics.

With unobstructed stage views and top-of-the-line sound technology, our venue draws up to 470 listeners closer to high-fidelity music with each show. We’re not a bar (although we sometimes host one), and our space is safe for kids and teens.

For our bands, Faultline North provides top-shelf sound and light technology as part of the deal, as well as a loading zone that accommodates an equipment van (handy in winter) for everything else. We consider ourselves musically agnostic with a craving for the next new thing—so if no one’s heard of your genre, we like it already. If everyone’s heard of your genre, that’s good too. Local? All the better.

Speaking of the next new thing, we’re on it. Faultline North hosts workshops and camps, giving fledgling rockers, thrashers, twangers and thumpers a chance to play—with the same professional tech our biggest acts get. When they’re ready, we’ll help new local bands book their first shows.

When we’re not hosting Bozeman concerts, our clean, upcycled-contemporary space is available for a limited number of events.



For bands or managers looking to book, or for anyone wanting to learn more about the musical acts coming to Faultline North, please contact us.